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Cashzine - The Simplest and Fastest Way to Make Money in 2022

Apart from Go Daily, VN Today, Bling Story,...Cashzine is one of the apps that may let you make money by reading online newspapers. If you're unfamiliar with this app and want to know what Cashzine newspaper app is. How does use Cashzine to earn money? Go find an answer!

1. What is Cashzine newspaper app?

Cashzine is a news application that can be downloaded to mobile devices. The Cashzine app, like the Go Daily online money making apps, allows users to make money by reading updated news on the app.

Cashzine, a news app, hit the market towards the end of 2019. This program has currently achieved over 1 million downloads. The app is widely used in many nations throughout the world, including Vietnam.

In fact, the Cashzine app is an online money-making app in Vietnam, similar to VN Today, Go Daily, and... Cashzine is an legitmate international application, allow users to make money every day without spending too much time.

Cashzine - The Simplest and Fastest Way to Make Money in 2022

Easily make money with Cashzine

2. Advantages of Cashzine

Cashzine has a lot of great features. Our provides users with the greatest possible experience while using this program to make money online. So, what are those benefits?

  • Making money with your phone is simple. Users can earn money on a daily basis by earning points on the Cashzine.Many a little makes mickle; the more you work on a task, the more money you will collect.
  • For synthesis and analysis, the app uses an intelligent algorithm. The findings are then customised, assisting users in developing the habit of daily reading.
  • Every day, Cashzine updates its topbuzz news. The app provides a variety of popular subjects in everyday life. Every piece of information has fascinating and interesting content.
  • The app is available for both the Android and iOS
  • Cashzine accepts payments using the Paypal app. Users may convert coins with money and transfer cash to their accounts whenever they want.

3. Ways to earn money from Cashzine

To be able to participate in making money with the Cashzine app, please refer to the procedure to get coins and accumulate money listed below.

3.1 Enter your friend invitation code

Bạn có thể nhập bất cứ mã mời nào, tuy nhiên Cashzine chỉ cho phép bạn được nhập mã mời một lần duy nhất. Do đó, khi áp dụng cách kiếm tiền này các bạn nên lưu ý điều này nhé! Với việc nhập mã mời này, các bạn sẽ nhận về cho mình 8000 xu. Đây là cách kiếm tiền đầu tiên và dễ dàng thực hiện nhất tại app Cashzine. 

You can insert the invitation code you want, but remember that Cashzine only permits you to do so once! You will earn 8000 coins if you enter this invitation code. This is the first and simplest way to earn money using the Cashzine.

Cashzine - The Simplest and Fastest Way to Make Money in 2022

Make money from Cashzine

3.2 Invite friends to get referral bonus

To use this way, click the "Invite" tab in the bottom right corner of the application's screen. You will see the amount of coins you can receive as 30000 coins here, along with your invitation code.

Referrers will be rewarded at three levels through Cashzine. When a referral reads an article, you will receive 8000 coins. You will receive 10,000 coins if your buddy whom you invited claim 2000 coins for three days in a row. When your friend claims 5000 coins for 7 days straight, you will receive 12000 coins.

3.3 Daily attendance

To earn money in this way, click to the "Dedication" area of the app interface. The more you constantly participate on a daily, the more coins you will get. You will receive 50 coins on the first day, and so on until the 7th day, when you will earn 200 coins.

3.4 Read news everyday

Cashzine features a variety of news categories. Specifically: location, games, manner of life, health, and so on. You could read any article on the program.

On the article interface, there will be a clock in the upper left corner of the screen that will calculate the amount of time you have spent reading the article on the app. You can receive 50 coins once this clock completes one circle. Furthermore, you could write comments on each article to earn extra cash!

3.5 Complete tasks to earn rewards

You could make money by completing tasks. Here are several examples:

  • Complete the task: Earn 8000 coins on Day 1 by linking to Facebook.
  • Play some games on the app to get 500000 coins per day.
  • Spin lucky wheel to get coins.

4. How to use the Cashzine app?

To use and withdraw money from the Cashzine app, you must first download the app.

4.1 how to download Cashzine?

Just go to the CH Play app or the Appstore to get the Cashzine app. Then, input the Cashzine app name, and then download and install the app on your phone.

4.2 how to withdraw from Cashzine?

In being able to withdraw money from your account, you must have at least 500,000 coins. If you fulfill this requirement, you can withdraw funds from your PayPal account or change your phone card.

Cashzine needs you to also enter your email address, your mobile phone number, and withdrawal transaction details to be withdrawn to your account.

Go Daily, which exists alongside Cashzine, is another money-making app. As a result, Go Daily allows users to browse daily newspapers while still having the option to make money online.

Cashzine - The Simplest and Fastest Way to Make Money in 2022

Go Daily is more diverse than others on the market

Compare to Cashzine, Go Daily offers additional ways to earn money. As a result, users have the option to experiment with and learn about incredibly interesting ways to make money using this app.

5. Conclusion

Cashzine, like the Go Daily, is a one-of-a-kind money-making app. It not only keeps you up to date on current news but also gives you the possibility to earn money. Hopefully, after reading this review, you will be informed of another form of intriguing application to fulfill your money-making goals. Don't forget to share it to your relatives and friends about this profitable application.