On a mission to make life more interesting

We started Go Daily in 2021 as a people-first, self-funded, fully-distributed company, dedicated to helping people make an application their users love. Combination of artificial intelligence, professional editing and incentive offers, all topics are highly matched with you guys' preference, obtain a high-quality topic for both of you to delight life.

Trusted by 5,000,000 websites in different countries

We offer 100% free services to help more users find and share content that is relevant to their interests:

1) Instructions for using the Go Daily app - free reading news, earn money.

2) All news is updated and synthesized by Go Daily from reputable sources, ensuring reliability and accuracy.

3) Multilingual application with English, Vietnamese and Thai.

4) Provide articles related to making money online for beginners.

5) Basic ways to make money online, rules for withdrawing money from money-making apps and what to pay attention to.

6) Timely update reviews of money-making applications on the market in Vietnam and the world.

Our team of Go Daily is committed to making Go Daily app intuitive to use, fast to spin-up, and affordable for anyone at any size business. We may be used on over 5,000,000 websites in different countries, but we haven’t forgotten our beginnings: our origin story is make life more interesting. Then we joined forces with Contentsquare to take this mission to the next level.

We live by these principles | Our core values

1. Put our users at the heart of everything

Our top priority is delivering value to the people that rely on Go Daily to discover and share what inspires you.

2. Work with transparency

We are honest, tolerant, and open. And we work with our team, customers, users, and end-users in a clear way.

3. Challenge ourselves to grow

We not only pursue big goals, but also celebrate results and we are always thinking about ways to grow and improve.